Saturday, 14 January 2012

Ageing up to Tchaikovsky

So, I have quit my job last month, or rather last year.

These days, I'm mostly at home figuring out what next, where next.
I had gone for a short trip as well, which was much required. After spending an amazing new year's eve with my Tibetan friends at a private musical get together (more on that soon, since it deserves a stand alone post), I came back recharged and relaxed.

Only to fall prey to the obsession of checking mails every hour for replies and such.

But I've managed to elude that obsession as well, well mostly.
Most of my time ( I refuse to use free time, as all of it is free now) is now spent doing sketches, water colours, sampling new music or movies...and planning the next trip when the current situation is tamed.

Over the past few days, while sampling music, I remembered this old 4 casette collection we used to have at home called 'The Classical Experience' by HMV. I remembered how I loved to listen to Orff or Greig, and relished Puccini's Barber of Seville and Delibes' Flower Duet. So I went on a classical diet !

While listening to the same compilation a decade later, I have now found a new piece that seems to be stuck in my playlist ( and my head)..perhaps Tchaikovsky is better appreciated with age..

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  1. And Swan Lake? :) We had that HMV collection too...didnt remember the name though!