Friday, 22 June 2012

Shinkai and Miyazaki - Blurred lines

Yesterday, I had a chance to revisit Shinkai Makoto through his latest animation film Hoshi o Ou Kodomo [ Children who Chase Lost Voices Deep Below]. He always has a very surreal way of naming of his movies.


In an earlier post, I had mentioned what I felt about Shinkai vis-a-vis Miyazaki.  Two years later, looking at his latest movie, I feel somewhere the lines have blurred.

The movie may almost pass off as a Miyazaki. Maybe not the My Neighbour Tottoro Miyazaki, but very credibly as a Ponyo Miyazaki.

Shinkai eschews his love of the sci-fi and slides into fantasy. His perspective has also changed from that of the poetry of everyday life to that of a fantasy world seen through a child's eyes. Most importantly, the movie attempts a closure.

In his own words most of his works in the past decade were stories about characters who have to part ways with those they hold dear, but he wanted to take that theme further and wanted to deal more specifically on how to overcome that loss.

What results is a movie that is definitely a joy to watch, in the leagues of Laputa.

However, that being said, I must say I kind of miss the old tragic poet Shinkai, the one who found ways to infuse everyday life with a deep sense of beauty and pathos.

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